Video- finally!

Technology is (cough) great! Turns out this video thing was harder than I thought. First, I plug in our new HD camera and find out it doesn't come with software for Mac. iMovie '08 supports it, but not the version I run (which is a better version!). So I go out and buy the upgrade, plug the camera in, and realize that all the video we had recorded was in SD (Standard Definition) instead of HD (High Definition), so it wasn't compatible with the new iMovie either. Well, after all that, I found some freeware online that would convert the file for me and—finally—I have video! Then I go to upload it, and I waited 2 hours before I realized I had it in the wrong format. When I did it right it just took seconds! It is really pretty easy when you know what you are doing- ha.

Well, now for Abby's surprise:

Now that I know better how to do this, I promise more videos to come!