back home again

One of the most rewarding aspects of keeping a blog is the feedback we receive and knowing that others are enjoying what we post. For those of you who have left us a note either here on the blog or on Facebook, I wanted to be sure to let you know how your comments have been appreciated and how much we love to hear from you.

It has been fun taking you all on our journey to England with us! I didn't have as much time to post during our last couple of days there, so now that we are home again, I have some catchup posting to do. It is great to be home again and remember how much I LOVE AMERICA, but I also have to say it was the greatest privilege to visit the United Kingdom, and it felt so right to be there. Maybe it is because so much of our ancestry and cultural traditions came from England, or maybe it is because they speak the same language (sort of), but I love that it didn't feel completely foreign (except for the driving bit of course). It is safe to say I have FALLEN IN LOVE WITH ENGLAND and I hope we can go again someday.

A special thanks to Ian and Amanda for your tour guiding . . . and friendship!

Here is some evidence of the work accomplished while in England.

^ Stacks of catalog pages fresh off the press, waiting for folding and bindery.

^ Tom waited patiently in the lounge at the press. I was so glad for his company on this trip.