FLOR inspiration

I'm tired of thinking about lighting so let's change the subject.

Today as I was drinking my lunch (yes drinking—the Pioneer Woman slim fast shake—which is tasty but ridiculously cold when it is minus 15 outside . . . shiver) I was flipping through the FLOR catalog that came to me in the mail this week. Whether or not you are in to their rug tiles, you can't deny their photo styling is fan-freaking-tastic. 

Hello, yummy Chesterfield and amazing red leather chair. That pop of red is so great against the warm neutrals. I would love to find a colorful vintage chair to mix in with my own blah brown living room furniture.

Hello, chair of my dreams.

Neutrals with contrast—my favorite look.

Oversized artwork in black and white.

Great color scheme!

Too bold for me and yet so cool.

I need to find this dresser for a bathroom vanity.

And last but not least, who doesn't love a good houndstooth?

All images from FLOR.com