Mother's Day weekend

I started off the weekend with "Muffins with Mom" at the daycare. They sang us lots of cute songs like "We love our mommy, yes-sir-ree" to the tune of "Up on the Housetop" and "M-o-m-m-y" to the tune of "B-i-n-g-o". I forgot my camera. Snap!

We played in the yard a bit yesterday. The neighbor boys were over playing and Abby said "Hey, come look at my flowers." The neighbor said, "I planted stuff at school. It's called an ego-system". I thought that was pretty funny.

Still trying to figure out this blog thing. I figured out how to add a third column, but lost my headline in the process. Guess I'll have to consult an html genius to figure that one out. Oh yeah, and I changed the name and url. (Sorry to those of you who have visited before. You'll have to change your bookmarks. But the old one was too difficult to explain and, yes, it was a little wierd.

And finally, congratulations to Amy for graduating from MSU this weekend! Go cats :)