Memorial Weekend

A typical rainy Memorial weekend in Montana. This was a constant, heavy rain like you almost never see! My farmer dad was sure happy as it amounted to about 3 inches up on the farm. We headed up to Bozeman Friday night. Abby went with her older cousins and Nanna and Papa on Saturday to a horse show in Billings. Tom, Sarah, and I stayed back and went to Justin and Tiffany's for a mexican dinner. (Yum- Tiff is always such a great cook.) On Sunday, we went to meeting with Brad and Amy and then went to their house for lunch (another great meal!) We had a barbeque that night and had even MORE great cookin'.

Turns out, all that great food isn't great for one's digestive system. I ended up in the ER Sunday night with a gall stone attack. They determined that it wasn't infected and sent me home with instructions to get with a dr. as soon as possible. Turns out that is harder than you would think. Many of the specialists around here don't take new patients. I finally got a referral from my regular doctor and had an appt. today. She was ready to admit me this afternoon! Apparently my gall bladder has to come out, so I have to show up at the hospital tomorrow for surgery. It should be laproscopic (sp?) and hopefully the recovery time will be limited to about a week. I'll be spending a night in the hospital, so hopefully I can post an update once I'm back home again.

To leave you on a happy note, here is silly Sarah, hamming it up for the camera in the car.