things to remember

Who said the twos were terrible? We are cherishing this age (because we know 3 is coming! Ha.) I just wanted to journal a few things we'd like to remember about Sarah at this age. When she gets angry, she shouts "Ever". Probably her abbreviated version of "You're the meanest mommy/daddy/sister, ever". I don't think it gets the effect she wants since it usually cracks us up. The other thing she does is when were trying to get her to come. She says "one time" and holds up her finger". When I'm trying to get her out the bath—"one time". When it's time to leave the playground—"one time". I love how she gets her point across. She is certainly starting to strut her independence whenever possible, but when we are wallowing in a fit of tantrums, it's good to remember to cherish the moment.