4th of July weekend

Here it is, 10 days later, and I'm finally blogging again. Sorry for the lapse. Here is an account of our 4th of July weekend. I think this was probably the first weekend since we've lived here that we haven't been in Montana for the 4th. Since we were there over Memorial weekend, and plan to be again for a much anticipated trip to the farm at the end of the month, we decided staying put sounded pretty good. And it was... although I admit I did feel a little "homesick" once or twice.

We spent the weekend doing a few of our favorite things: shopping (well, that's one of mine, anyway), eating Thai food, hanging out with our kids and our friends; and a few traditional holiday things as well: watching the Riverton fireworks (great show), going to the carnival and parade, and watching our own fireworks while eating yummy snow cones.