more harvest

Here is an update about the rest of our time in Montana. On Tuesday when Amma (mom) was working, we spent a little time in Fort Benton visiting the library, store, levee, and aunt Ruth. We also stopped to see my old piano teacher, Doris Rowe (below), and heard about her recent 80th birthday party. She is so sweet.

We also stopped to take some pictures of the Shep statue. If you haven't heard the story of Shep and are wondering what is so special about a dog that you need a statue of him, the story is on the sign below. He has almost made Fort Benton more famous than Lewis and Clark! :)

Back on the farm, I spent several hours on Wednesday cutting peas in the combine for dad. I managed to get through it all without breaking the combine or eating rocks :) I'll have to post some pictures later for proof. All the years growing up on the farm I was missing out and I never had a chance to try it. I told mom if I were ever a farmers wife I wouldn't be much of the cookin' kind. Driving combine was much more fun :) Last night, after Tom got back, we went out on the combine together. Dad went to bed and left Tom and I to run it, so I taught Tom and between the two of us we ran it until almost 3 AM. Real farmers!

I forget how many animals there are on the farm. You'd think you'd see more in the mountains, but we've seen way more out here. We saw plenty of antelope, bunnies, gophers, coyotes... fortunately no rattlesnakes. Here is a quick photo of a fox we saw the other night.

Today we have to leave to head down to Bozeman. The week has gone too fast, but we were glad for the time we had. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for everything!