What's happenin' at the Clarks

This week, Abby lost her first tooth! Her eyes are looking a lot less puffy, aren't they? The doctor loaded us up with some allergy medicine ($$$$$- ugh) but it is doing the trick. She wasn't concerned about the asthma symptoms. Probably a side effect of the allergies.

I may have mentioned my work is trying a new flex schedule, and I'm allowed to work 4 10-hour days with Friday's off. Last Friday was my first Friday off, but it was a busy day in stamp-land, so I had quite a bit of work to do from home. Tom had spent the week on the road, so his boss let him work from home that day so he could walk Abby to school and see her classroom. Friday afternoon found us all at the dining room table with our laptops. Abby was playing a game online, and Sarah was not to be left out. I just had to get up and snap a photo of the moment.

Mom and Dad, this pix is for you. See how big these trees are growing that you bought for us last spring?

We have just a few yummy blackberries this year. Hoping the plant will take off next year!

It wasn't looking like we would get any raspberries this year, dispite how healthy and large the plants are. But, low and behold, I see the fruit is starting to come. They are covered with bees right now.

We finally got a frame put up around our mirror in our entry. It finishes it off so nice!