Hi! This is Abby! I'm here to tell you about my first day of school! Mom took pictures of me in my new school clothes.
Foothills Elementary is a really great school. Mrs. Tipton is my school teacher. She has really pretty hair and she is really nice. She even gave me a brownie after school.
I saw Aiden and Zach from my daycare today. This is a picture of my new class lining up for school. Looks like I'm the biggest one, huh?
My Mom painted my hand orange. It tickled.
I was working while my mom was helping me. Yay- it was a great first day!
More photos here. Oops, I forgot something. Even Mrs. Tipton has blonde hair but really short and pretty. I met 2 girls named Gemma and Eliza in my table group. It is the blue group. The other groups were red, yellow, and green. My favorite color is blue.