Labor Day weekend

It was very hard to choose the best photos from our trip to post here, so be sure to visit our Picasa Gallery for much more.

We spent the weekend outside of West Yellowstone with both of our parents and Tiffany & Justin and family. We rented this great little cabin that had plenty of space for us to sprawl out.

Dad brought his boat and we played on Hebgen Lake while the weather held out. It is really a beautiful spot! (Oops...shh... I don't wan't too many people to know that secret).

We overheard someone at the grocery store talking about a crack in the dam and evacuations. Well, as far as I know the lake is still there...

We had fun touring Yellowstone a little, and this time we actually saw quite a bit of wildlife! A bear, some elk, bison, and coyote.

On the way home we took the long way and went through the park and down through Jackson Hole. (We thought of you on our way through, Keith and Melinda! But it was a bit late to stop.) On that road we saw another bear and a couple of moose. Had we known it was almost twice as long that way, we may have changed our mind because we got home after midnight, but as Tom kept saying, we made some memories! True.