New Year's Day and Christmas all over again.

We are in West Yellowstone enjoying a weekend of snowmobiling with the Clarks. The cabin is very cozy and sleeps all 18 of us very comfortably. And that is a challenge!

This pictures are in no particular order. If Blogger would make it easier to add/reorder pictures I might make an effort to put these in order, but I am just not in the mood to figure that out at the moment.
This is the sweet and adorable Elijas. He had loads of fun diving into the wrapping paper when we were all done with our Christmas. While he was doing this, we were all sitting around talking about the things that were our greatest blessings and lessons in 2008. It was the best part of the night.

Gorgeous Tiffany

And her fabulous husband Justin, reading to us from "1001 movies to see before you die."

The lovely and beautiful Petra, bringing another grandbaby to the family in 2 more months.

Sweet Maddy, the youngest grandbaby at the moment. I bought this hat for her on Etsy and was happy when she didn't want to take it off all night. :)

I snuck a picture of this moment between Tim and Petra across the room.

Although they thought the only pictures they could get of themselves were the ones they would take of themselves. You see, they are quite used to this after living on an island for so long.

Dawson, shirtless and sweet.

Tawnya and Lee always make our family parties lively and fun. Love them.

I'm not the only one documenting the event. It's a good thing. I'm not so great at taking indoor photography.

I love the joy of these kids when they open their toys.

Tristin, the oldest and most wise of the grandkids. He is the one to set the others straight when they fall out of line.

Sarah bear.

This was our attempt to take a photo of all 8 grandkids. As this was taken, we were asking them what they thought #9 should be. I'm pretty sure "boy" won out.

If it weren't for Claude and Cheri, we wouldn't all be here, enjoying each other.

Girl cousins are so great. Hannah, Ilona, and Abby.

And, I'll leave you with Ilona's beautiful brown eyes.