first ski trip

Crazy or brave, I'm not sure which, but we decided to take the girls skiing this weekend for the first time. One major piece of motivation was to get out of the ugly inversion that has the smog of the city locked in to smother us. We just knew that above the smog was a beautiful sunny day, and true enough, it was beautiful on the mountain.

Now I had visions in my head of watching them snowplow down the hill, but I totally forgot that you had to teach them to do that. I just thought they could do it naturally or something. :/ So, the first run down, when Abby was clinging to me and running over my skis, and Sarah was screaming, I was pretty sure we were nuts and just wasted our money. But, we survived the adventure, and we have sore muscles to prove it.

Abby did awesome. She is pretty sure she is a pro now. She does do a pretty mean snowplow.

Sarah, well, she might be a bit young for this still. She wore the smallest size of skis and boots and looked pretty cute, but... well, next year she'll be old enough to do ski school. We'll let them teach her. I think that is a pretty good gig, actually. Mom and Dad can get a couple of good hours of skiing in, and then we pick up the kids and they are new and improved!

Sarah spent the time skiing between our legs, like this. No wonder she wasn't thrilled. She couldn't see! Actually, as long as we were moving at a good pace down the hill, she was happy. But when we stopped, she commenced her crying. She would say, "Mommy, Daddy, you're in my way!"

Notice in the photo above how Tom is only wearing one glove and Sarah has one giant hand? Well, Sarah dropped a mitten off the lift, and by the time we got back down to retrieve it, it was gone. We kept checking, but nobody turned it in. Who do they think they are, walking off with a mitten like that? Oh well, it was so warm we could have almost gone without coats.

Here is the brave daddy. If it weren't for him, I'm pretty sure I never would have braved this adventure.

This photo was before we got started. Sarah was pretty worried and kept saying "I don't want to go sledding!" After wards we asked her if she had fun, and she nodded an adamant "yes". This was after a little catnap as she sat with Mommy in the snow while Abby took her last few runs.