an update

Today I had a visit with the doctor. She listened to the baby's heartbeat (healthy and strong) and drew blood to see if my body was doing its job of building its supply back up. I don't yet know the results of that. I am feeling a little stronger each day but am still battling with morning (all day) sickness.

Here is the plan at this time: I am to be on bed rest for another 2 weeks. Then I'll have an ultrasound to see if the placenta is healing properly. Then, with a good report, I might be able to increase my activity and go back to work. That will bring us almost to the new year!

Thanks to all of you for your support, e-mails, phone calls, comments, etc. It builds me up and keeps me encouraged (and gives me something to do in bed!) Thanks also to our amazing neighbors who are providing us with yummy meals. Your help is so much appreciated.

We were also advised to cancel our plans to go to Montana for Christmas, unfortunately. We knew that might be coming, but it is hard just the same. We may have Tom go up and bring our girls back next week so they can be with us in time for Christmas.

One thing I neglected to mention in my last post—my official due date is June 13!