dining chairs

I am a big fan of bentwood chairs, and I would love to have a set of 6 or 8 for my dining room someday. I fell in love because of these chairs from Pottery Barn, which I sadly discovered are no longer available. I would have loved to mix the 2 styles shown here (in mahogany color).

I've searched online for a good (affordable) alternative, and the best I've found is this chair from a restaurant supplier, kpeterson. I like them pretty well, but I don't want to buy something too flimsy, either. It's hard to buy blind from a place like this. The price is right...

I have also searched the classifieds and ebay, but it would be a miracle to find a full set in good condition. I'm surprised there aren't more good replicas out there, considering the popularity of this style. (I see them all over interior design blogs.) So... please think of me if you ever come across a set of these in good condition. You would be my BFF!

I also like this set from West Elm. They are a bit of an investment, like the Pottery Barn chairs, so most likely I'll put off buying anything until they are discontinued, like the Pottery Barn set. But what do you think of these?

My hangup on these is they are a little more modern looking. I love modern, but with a vintage/traditional twist. Also, I should mention I have a great little set of 5 antique bentwood chairs that came with a table we inherited from Tom's grandmother. They are a bit more rough looking than I'd like to use for my primary dining room chairs, but they would be great to add in when I need extras.

My ideal dining chair is smaller than most chairs you see in traditional furniture stores. I don't like how bulky many of them are. It is nice to be able to fit more chairs around/under your table.

Do tell me what you think of my choices!