last day of school

Today was Abby's last day of Kindergarten! She is sooo ready to move on to all day school, school lunches, and harder lessons, but it has been a great year for her.

Yesterday her class put on a little program. They started with a "fashion" show. Abby wore her veterinarian costume because that is what she says she would like to be when she grows up. The teacher read, "That is why I must do well in school because I'll have to go to LOTS of school to be a veterinarian."

Then they sang us a few cute songs.

Socializing with her friends:

In an area as big as this, there is a good chance she won't even see these girls next year. It's sad, but I guess she will always be making new friends.

Joanne, Eliza, Abby, and Sarah, who was lucky enough to get to come watch her big sister.

Abby had an excellent teacher this year: Mrs. Tipton. She will miss her!