Bryce beauty

Last weekend it was time to bring our trailer home after its long stay in Arizona. After all, we have plans for keeping it busy this summer!

So, the girls and I drove down to meet Tom part way in Bryce Canyon for the weekend. Last time on our way through we thought we saw Bryce Canyon, but really it was just the much smaller Red Canyon en route to the real thing.

The real thing was more impressive than the Grand Canyon (in my humble opinion.) I feel very fortunate to see so many great things, and very much in awe of the amazing wonders of our world. Aren't we lucky to have such variety in our very own nation? I take that back. Aren't we lucky to have such amazing variety in our very own state? I've always thought Montana is the most beautiful state there could ever be, but I'm quickly finding out Utah has plenty of character of its own.

I thought this lady had it right. Sitting alone and still, soaking it all in. We, on the other hand, buzzed in and out in a hurry, holding tight to little hands lest they should wander too close to the cliff edge.

Walking up to the canyon you hardly knew it was there, except that as you approached you could hear the echo of the wind roaring through the canyon. It reminded me of walking up to the ocean and hearing the roar of the surf. The trails along the canyon edge were like the boardwalks along the beach.

Ummm... it was a little windy. It was hard to get a good picture!

Abby's friend Bethany came with us, and Tracee (her mom) and Kayli (her older sister) joined us the next day for some four-wheeling exploring.

Sarah with Kayli.

This photo doesn't really do this justice, but my man is covered in filth from head to toe. That's what happens when you eat my dust on a 4-wheeler.

The girls enjoyed a few games of frisbee at the campsite. Best $2 we spent the entire trip.

Best buddies.