a new project

Over 5 years ago, after Tom's sweet Grandma Elva had passed away, I typed up the amazing story she had written about her life, and then I sorted through the many albums she had (well-labeled, I might add) and matched appropriate photos to the story.

Here are a few pages from the album that resulted. I gave it to Tom's dad for his 50th birthday.

Since then, I've wished we could have a copy of the album for ourselves, so I borrowed it back and made scans of the pages. I plan to have a 12 x 12 digital book printed. The best part about that is others can get a copy if they want it. I've done a little research, and I'm leaning towards getting it printed with Shutterfly. But does anyone out there have experience with this or have any recommendations?

If this goes well, I plan to do a book for each year of our marriage. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!