England: Day 2

As the printer we are using is in Leicester (pronounced Lester) in central England, we boarded a train from the St. Pancras station this morning to travel there. We saw a bit of the picturesque English countryside, and I can't wait to see more and take pictures between press checks.

The train station was a great building. Here we are taking it in with Ian as our very capable tour guide.

Once in Leicester, we visited the press to tie up a few loose ends and then made our way to the Marriott where we will be staying. (Lobby pictured above). It is very modern and seems a bit out of place after all of the old gothic architecture we saw yesterday, but it is very comfortable and nice. We spent the evening sleeping off a bit of jet lag, and here I am staying up way too late as a result (it is dinner time at home). We might get our schedules turned around just when it is time to come home.

Until tomorrow . . . Cheers!