wallpaper removal

I've decided its time to start thinking about tackling the wallpaper removal project in this house. Maybe I can do a little at a time and finish in about—I don't know—a year?

I could start with something small and easy, like the floral kitchen border. (And I could probably take down the matching valance as well. I've lived with the floral motif long enough now to sufficiently know it isn't going to work for me. :)

And then move on to the beauty in the Living Room and the floral in the Master bath.

In the hallways we find these two papers. The one on the right isn't so bad, really, so maybe I'll leave it for last.

And last, but certainly not least, is this one in the basement. Actually, we have already peeled some of this one off and it removes very easily. Some of the others upstairs, not so much.

So, the real purpose of this post is to ask for recommendations of what method to use. Have you done it? With steam? Chemical? I've never done it, but I'm quite confident I will be an expert before I finish.