Silly, I know . . .

. . . to obsess about a diaper bag, when there are much more important things in life to worry about. But alas, it is a major baby necessity. I posted my dilemma on Facebook and the answers were too mixed to be helpful. (Yeah, I know I should listen to you, Mom. Moms are always right. You almost have me convinced, too, but then I keep seeing myself with this other bag casually slung over my shoulder . . .)

So, now I'm going to reveal the bags in question and poll my blogging friends.

Would you buy the one on sale (the brand I've been eyeing, but an older model at 1/2 price!), or the one you really love (same brand, but the "premium" model), not on sale, which roughly translates to 4 times (gulp) as much as the other one?

Believe me, I have justifcation. I mean, if I carry this thing every day for 2 years, the cost per wear is merely pennies. Okay, cents. And this is my 3rd baby, so I know how much I rely on a good quality diaper bag. And people spend crazy money on designer purses all the time. This is going to double as my purse for the next 2 years. And . . . alright, enough.

Here are the diaper bags in question, in no particular order. Which one do you like? #1 or #2? (Don't cheat and look up the prices!)

I do actually already have one of these bags in my possession. But I also have a receipt, and I'm not above using it!