A big journey

Blogging from my phone seems like a great way to stay awake at 3:00 AM when I'm up with a newborn. I might not make a lot of sense and I might fat finger a few words...

Today we headed home to Montana--for good this time. We started off after Eva's doctor appointment (she has regained her birthweight of 7 lbs. 11 oz. and looks great)! Tonight we are in Butte enjoying the comfort at the Comfort Inn. Eva was delighted, as she expressed like only a newborn can, to be rid of her carseat for the day. We normally would have reached the farm after spending 11 hours on the road, but we were happy with the progress we made and are glad to only have what would usually be about a 4 hour trip ahead of us tomorrow. It might only take us 8. :) Traveling with a 2 week old is for the birds. My mom and Sarah are with me, and Tom and Abby follow us up tomorrow (or later today, that is, at this point). Soooo glad to have my Mom's help. You're the best, Mom!

See you home on the range!

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