Settling in

Greetings from Montana! We have been here for nearly a week so I should squeeze in an update. The settling in part is proving to be a challenge amidst busy summer farming schedules and adjusting to life with a newborn, so it looks like the process is going to take awhile. I promise to start posting more often as soon as I can get me feet under me. There is much to share!

So far mosquitos and moths top the list of My Least Favorite Things about Living in Montana. I can't go far without my can of Off or a Bounce dryer sheet (who knew? Jury is still out on whether or not it works well enough). And Tom and I are a sight as we declare war on the moths every night. We turn the light on in the kitchen to draw them to one room, then I hold the vacuum and Tom mans the hose as we suck up as many as we can find.

Fortunately my list of Things I Love about Living in Montana is much longer. At the top is sharing meals with my parents and seeing extended family more often. Between a church convention and cousin Kristi's beautiful wedding, it's been like a family reunion!

We've had plenty of adventures so far. One night a big storm knocked out our power for an evening so we cooked dinner in my parents motor home. That night I tended to Eva by candlelight, and we were sure glad to have our power back on the next morning.

I also made my first major grocery stock-up trip to Great Falls. I was so glad to have my mom along to help me because as it was, it took about twice as long as we planned on with 3 kids in tow. I want to know how anyone manages to accomplish anything with more than 3 kids. Spill it. What's your secret?

Eva is doing great, although I'm looking forward to days when she doesn't wake up every 2 hours at night. Nanna came yesterday and took the older girls to Bozeman for a week, so we will have 2 less to keep track of.

Tonight we have a big dinner with family and I made red velvet cake from scratch to celebrate Mom's birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday Mom! It's so fun to have time to bake and to celebrate with you!

Happy 4th everyone!!! Let us know how you are celebrating.