Our farm house—on the outside

^ The east side. We can't park in the garage yet. It's still full of stuff from our move!

^ The front entry.

^ The wrap-around deck. I'm not sure I would trust your kids on it . . .

^ Looking out the front door

^ The front of the house. Daylight basement.

^ The back yard.

^ Much of our yard looks like this: dirt, dry patchy grass, and gopher holes. We have some work to do! :)

^ The back of the house.

^ The back from another angle.

We are very blessed to have such a large house to raise our girls in. This was my Grandpa and Grandma's house and they built it in 1971. I have many memories here of picking strawberries in the backyard, sledding down the hill out back, harvest dinners in the front, and playing "kick the can" below the deck. Coming soon: a tour of the inside!