Farmhouse Tour Part VIII—the basement bedrooms & bathroom

(Note: These photos were taken before we moved in as the house was with my Grandpa's furniture still in it.)

^ This is the first of the two bedrooms in the basement. It's hard to tell scale in these photos, but both bedrooms are large.

^ This room has a cool brick wall because it is on the back side of the fireplace.

^ The second bedroom.

^ I bought this sectional in the family auction also. Not sure what I was thinking, but maybe there is some potential here? They need some work.

^ The carpet in this room takes the cake, but its in competition with the upstairs bathroom orange shag.

^ And last, but not least, is the basement bathroom.

^ The shower is large enough to fit our whole family. In case we ever needed it to...

So there is the tour! I hope if my extended family (or Grandpa!) ever reads my blog that they won't be offended by the fact that we plan to make some changes to update it for our family. It really is a great house. Our tastes have just changed from the styles 40 years ago! :) This will be a fun journey to share with you as we remodel, and we hope you'll stick around to give your suggestions and tell us what you like/dislike.

Thanks for stopping by!