Happy 13th Anniversary, Farmer Tom!

Hello, my favorite farmer! (Never thought you'd be called that, did you?) Thirteen years has brought us full circle back to Montana, and I couldn't be happier.

Thank you so much for taking this leap of faith to move home to the farm, to a place we believe will be so great for raising our precious family. I know it isn't your home, but I hope it will feel like it eventually.

Thank you for taking on a brand new career you know nothing about and diving right in.

Thank you for working these long, hard, harvest days and still coming home and pitching in around the house.

Thank you for being such a great daddy to your little girls.

Thank you for not getting angry when I wake you up and tell you to roll over so your snoring won't wake the baby.

Thank you for being understanding about how little I have been able to accomplish during the days when you are out working so hard.

And thank you for always cracking jokes at the dinner table and making everyone laugh. I love you so much for that.

Thank you for 13 amazing years, and may there be many more!