Harvest supper

We sometimes bring harvest supper right out to the field so the guys don't have to shut down too long to eat. It takes a little extra effort to bring chairs, tables, hand-washing supplies, and all the food out, but it is always fun and festive.

This year, I shared cooking responsibilities with my mom and my aunt Ruth. We took turns providing the entire meal each night, which meant the other nights we had the night off. I really enjoyed doing it this way.

My dad always comes in for dinner and steals the baby. Sarah always gets after him about it because she thinks he is too dirty to hold the baby. :) He washes his hands of course...

And Eva doesn't mind, obviously.

It's a great opportunity to catch a quick cat nap. They always go back out after dinner and work until the wee hours of the morning.

Yummy deserts follow every meal. We certainly can't keep up this habit. It isn't so good for the waist line. Sarah wanted a fork for her brownie and a spoon for her ice cream. You use both at once, right?

Abby enjoys her brownies and ice cream while listening to her tunes. Hmmm.

The evening light is a perfect time for photo ops, so we try not to forget the camera.