a farmer's vacation

It's often hard for a farmer to get away and enjoy recreating in the summer, so you take advantage of it while you can, usually after a day of rain when the fields are too wet. But now that harvest is over for the year and the grain is in the bins, we were able to have a short break before seeding started. For my family, that meant going to the lake. It's a little late to be reporting on what we did over Labor Day weekend, but hey, we wouldn't want want to miss an opportunity to show you how much fun we had at Holter Lake.

^ See this? That's a happy face.

^ This is a happy face too. I think getting on a boat pretty much takes the cake for my dad. The photo looks a little dark because we were going through the Gates of the Mountains on the Missouri in the shady evening. There is a little hamburger joint along the route (boat access only) so we stopped to enjoy a relaxing dinner by the lake.

And the next day we stayed on for a bit more boating and playing by the shore.

Fall is knocking on our door so we have to take advantage of every bit of good weather we have left! Hope you enjoyed a great holiday weekend also.