impending winter

It's been hard to figure out what to post about this week. With the impending weather change (it's supposed to snow tonight!) we've been scrambling to finish up outdoor projects. We have lots of things in progress but nothing finished. 

For one, we've been working on our yard—laying more weed fabric and spreading gravel. We just ordered our FOURTH load of gravel. Spreading gravel=very sore muscles. And when we are done with the landscape gravel we are hoping to grade and fill some holes in our driveway with crushed gravel.

Secondly, the dump was open in our small town this weekend for free dumps, so we decided to take the opportunity to empty a corner of junk in our garage (leftover from before we moved here.) Our garage is looking SO much better, but we still have a lot more organizing to do before it is ready to call done. We are still gathering bids for replacing the overhead garage door and side doors, and we are looking forward to improving how much dirt and debris ends up in our garage. These kinds of projects maybe aren't the most fun, but the end result just FEELS GOOD. 

Speaking of door bids, we are still waiting on someone to come measure the side windows for our front door. But this week I at least cleaned out my cold-snapped flowers and added a bit of fall decor:

I popped a few pumpkins leftover from Halloween and some branches into the pots that are much to heavy to relocate. By the way, I'm thinking of keeping those light fixtures and polishing them up with a coat of oil-rubbed bronze spray paint. What do you think? Or do you prefer the brass? I'm also thinking of doing this to some of my interior fixtures.

We also got bids for gutter, soffit, and facia. Soon we will have a two-toned house: brown soffit, facia and doors, and blue trim. Looks like trim painting will be on our to-do list next spring!

Well, that is it for this week. Hopefully the weather won't completely prevent us from continuing to make progress. Happy Friday, and stay warm!