Episode 2: Christmas Joy is . . .

. . . Christmas Programs!


The girls' school has the best old auditorium. This Christmas Program was so adorable.

Abby was the narrator and did a fabulous job, never missing a line (and the rest of the time she mouthed every one else's lines :)

Sarah's group sang "I'm Gettin' Nothin' for Christmas" (among other songs) and most of the kids had their own little solo. Sarah sang "broke my daddy's coffee mug" load and clear and right on key. I was such a proud mom.

Aren't they cute in their little pajamas?

After the program, Santa came to give everyone a candycane.


During the entire program, Eva sat on her Grandpa's lap, occasionally yelling out "Abby!" and clapping her hands. Afterward Grandpa put her up on stage and she was quite thrilled to face everyone and smile. She had her moment with Santa also, but was mostly interested in the candycane. 

The girls had a great support group come to watch them. Thanks everyone for coming, especially Nanna and Papa all the way from Bozeman!