Today I am . . .

. . . ashamed I've neglected my blog for nearly two weeks. That might not seem like a big deal to you, but to me it is important to give you a reason to keep visiting!

. . . excited that my new garage door arrived yesterday and soon I won't have to open and close it manually.

. . . anxious for the rest of the doors we ordered to come in. And not-so-anxious to paint those doors and trim. But very interested in seeing what those doors will do for reducing our heat bill!

. . . proud to have finished a nagging item on my to-do list—staining the basement bathroom cabinets.

. . . grateful to have a living room large enough to use as a work space (after giving up on the cramped, dark storage room and moving to the garage, then giving up on the dirty, cold, and dark garage and finally finishing the job in the house in front of the big living room window.)

. . . very relieved we didn't have to deconstruct the cabinets to get them into the bathroom. We were worried for bit. We tried every angle we could think of and finally gave up, saying "Dad better be smarter than we are or we have a problem." Well, of course Dad is smarter than we are, and he proved it by suggesting an angle we hadn't thought of. Fortunately, it worked. Barely.


The picture above left is of Tom trying to take the door off on the neighboring room in hopes it would give us enough clearance. Above right is one of the cabinets in place. Please forgive the poor picture quality. I'll take better photos once we do a little touch-up, install the backsplash, and accessorize. This cabinet seemed a bit imposing after living with it wide open, but I have a few ideas to remedy that. 

Moving on.

. . . happy that I have decided to keep going as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator as I just held another successful stamp class. I forget how much fun it is to stamp until I spend an afternoon creating. These are the cards we made (Mom made the one on the left):

. . . hoping I can get my Christmas cards together soon. Feeling so behind!

. . . looking forward to the girls' Christmas program tonight. Abby is the narrator!

. . . overwhelmed with the process of preparing for a kitchen remodel. So many details. I'm going make next week kitchen week on the blog and will start sharing our plans. 

. . . thankful for so many blessings.

Thanks for visiting and not giving up on me!