a trip to Utah

These new farm folk need their city fix once in awhile, so last weekend we trekked back to Salt Lake to visit old friends and do a little shopping. We had a fabulous time and loved seeing everyone. In our whirlwind to do as much as possible in a few short days, of course I didn't pull out my camera once. Camera phones work in a pinch, however. I did snap just a few photos using the Hipstamatic App on my iPhone:

Eva is happiest exploring the floor on her crawlers these days.

The girls and their buddies were so looking forward to swimming at the hotel. This time we decided to cheat on our favorite hotel (Little America) and stay at the Hyatt near the Gateway. Oops, their pool was outdoors. Oh well, the hot tub would do in a pinch!

These were our gracious hosts for two nights. We love our old neighbors and wish they could have come with us to Montana. Tyson is the cutest little two year old to ever have a conversation with.

Eva crashed in her high-chair at lunchtime. This was odd coming from a girl who doesn't fall asleep easily, but I guess we all partied hard. That and some yucky colds were acquired (and hopefully not passed on).

A stop on the way home supplied the opportunity to see my cousin and their sweet Aspen.

This and the next few photos were taken before our trip. But they were too cute to pass up including here.


I know, huh?

She doesn't suck her thumb like this very often, but I kind of wish she did. It's cute.

Mischievous and determined eyes cause me to predict a few personality traits shared with her sisters . . .