a trip for old time's sake

I hope you don't mind if I wax on about some special family memories today.

Since our basement project has kept us pretty close to home, after the carpet laying last week we were all ready for a break. That meant getting out of town. Some of my favorite childhood memories were spent in the Flathead valley visiting my Grandparents. I didn't get there very often after I left home. Even though my dear Grandpa and Grandma are no longer around to visit, we still have family in that area and I've been dying to go back there. So we packed up the Yukon (a.k.a. ranch limo) with all of us + mom and dad and headed out.

Even for a short weekend, we made memories and enjoyed every minute of the beautiful drive and our time there.


The girl's memories will be centered around feeding the lambs. They are in the middle of lambing season and had 6 new lambs the morning after we arrived! They have 4 in their garage now that are being bottle fed because their moms had triplets and couldn't feed them all. The girl's participated in feeding them every chance they could. And Abby even slept on the couch so she could join Uncle Dale in his middle-of-the-night lamb checks out in the barn. I wonder if their enthusiasm would last if they had their own lambs to take care of? (Not that we are considering it. Nuh-uh.)

The girl's participated in the morning chores. First they had to number a couple of the older lambs so they could be turned out to make room for newer ones in the barn. They are numbered to match their mommas.

Then they helped feed the sheep while Momma Llama looked on.

Afterward the kids were rewarded by getting to see a lamb be born!

This is one of the ewes that had triplets.

The rest of our memories will be centered around our time with family and enjoying Aunt Bonnie's good cookin'.

These sisters look nothing alike, do they? :) (Sorry, Mom, you probably won't be happy that I posted a picture with your hair uncombed, but this picture is sweet and you are both so pretty.)


We got to meet handsome baby Jace and get a few cuddles. And of course we did plenty of cuddling with little Eva, who was the best little traveler.




Sweet and spirited Paige. We found out Paige and Sarah are two of a kind. Here she is entertaining Eva:

The scenery there never disappoints and I was reminded to keep my camera at the ready.



Ah, am I ever happy to be back in Montana!