I'm loving this picture of my girls and all but 2 of their Clark cousins. It is a rare opportunity for them to all be together, especially since 3 of them moved to London last June.

Don't you just love the worn out knees?

Want to know something cool about these kids? There was 1 born every year for 7 years. On the 7th year 2 were born, and the pattern was broken. Then we skipped a year and had one more, and skipped another year and had one more. In all there are now 10 Clark grandkids. It is so fun to see them all lined up like this.

This weekend, as you read this, we have the opportunity to have all 10 of them together. I am so hoping to get a good picture of them all since such a picture doesn't exist. If I do, I'll be sure to share it.

Eight kids in one house means there are a lot of mouths to feed. Suddenly some of these kids are growing up and their appetites are growing with them. I was again thankful for my big, long dining room table.

And these:

English scones for our English cousins. (They have such an accent now. Its so cute!)

And cinnamon rolls. Always a crowd favorite.

Have a very happy Easter tomorrow!