what we've been up to

Sorry I've been so absent lately. Here is what we've been up to:

1. This cold has been kicking my hiney. Eva, Sarah, and I finally got some antibiotics and we are slowly recovering. I've been taking it a little bit easy so it has definitely affected my productivity.

2. The basement is almost finished and I am so happy with it. We have moved back into the space and it is so nice to be using it. Here is what we have left:

a. Finish the trim around the stairway and caulk, spackle, and paint it. (The rest of the trim is all finished.)
b. Finish painting and hanging all the doors. (We don't have a functioning paint sprayer which would make this job go so much more quickly.)
c. Finish staining the bathroom cabinets that my dad built and install them.
d. Scrub the paint and perfa tape mud off the fireplace.
e. Caulk between the cork floor and the fire place and around the trim in the bathroom.
f. Install the backsplash in the bathroom after the cabinets are installed.
g. Get bids for a stair rail, order (or build) and install it.
h. Decorate!

So, as you can see we are almost finished. I promise to post pictures soon. It is hard to get everything straightened up enough for a photo shoot, but I just may have to quit waiting for these last few details to be finished and get something posted.

3. It is snowing today. REALLY snowing. Oh, April, you are famous for tempting us with spring and taunting us with winter. I still love you, April.

4. Basement progress has slowed a ton because the guys have gotten itchy to start spring farm work and have been spending their days outside—working on equipment, getting seed and fertilizer, and wishing the fields would dry up sooner than later so they can get to seeding.

5. We have nearly run out of water several times recently, so the guys have been working on our complicated water system to fix leaks and improve a few things. Its good to have water, you know.

6. We had a free plane ticket to use up before it expired, so Tom is in Texas having a redneck weekend (i.e. going to a Nascar race) and getting a few kicks in before the long season of hard work begins. Maybe he'll blog about his adventure. Maybe he won't. By the way, his peppers were delish and we've had them 3 times now. I know. He needs to update his blog.

7. Abby is in a Missoula Children's Theatre production this weekend—Treasure Island—and has been spending late nights this week at rehearsal. (She's a Villager.)

8. My sweet nephew Ollie turned one and he and his Mommy are visiting this week. I have some adorable pictures to post of him and his buddy Eva.

9. I am taking an e-course called Organize Your Paper Clutter by simplify101. I'm definitely learning some things and I'm hoping it will help me get on top of our huge backlog of paperwork. I think some of her other workshops look interesting also.

10. I'm obsessed with organizing lately, as evidenced by my last entry and my Feng Shui My Way challenge. We are still living in chaos of moving, and will be living in the chaos of remodeling for quite awhile, so it leaves me yearning for a clutterless household that runs smoothly and is easy to maintain. I have a lot of projects on my list that I'm sure you will be hearing about here on the blog.

11. I miss my housekeeper. (I know, wah wah. Can anyone say spoiled?) In Utah when I worked full time we had someone come every other week to clean and it was so wonderful not to spend our limited time together on the weekends cleaning. Cleaning bathrooms is my least favorite thing to do.

12. I've had a lot of design work come my way lately, which I've really appreciated. I'm hoping to eventually add a portfolio section to the this website. Now, if I could get just enough work (consistently) to pay for a housekeeper . . . (and if I could find someone who was willing to travel out here to the boonies . . .)

13. We earmarked our tax return this year to buy a swing set. Yeah! The nearest park is half-an-hour away, so I think the kids will really enjoy having one. Let the shopping begin!

14. Easter is coming and my sister-in-law and nieces are coming home from London! Tom's entire family will be together. I'm hoping to get a good photo of all the Clark cousins together since such a photo doesn't exist.

15. My brother is getting married and we just love our new auntie- and sister-in-law-to-be Annie.

16. My cousin is getting married on May 28. Then they will be our new neighbors on the farm! We are so excited!

There is so much to look forward to! Hopefully my blog will keep up with all the fun. Hopefully I can keep up with all the fun. All for now! Happy Friday.