Brian & Roxie's wedding

As I mentioned earlier, we had the privilege of attending my cousin's wedding at the Little America Hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It was a happy and gorgeous occasion, and despite the long miles, we were so happy we made the trip to be there. Brian and Roxie will be our new neighbors on the farm here, you know, so we wanted to start them off by showing our support.

These are a few of my favorite photos from the occasion, but I mostly just sat back and enjoyed myelf and didn't take very many pictures. The location (indoors, low light) really made me painfully aware of the limitations of my out-of-date camera equipment (= blurry, grainy photos). That's okay. It's giving me further motivation to save funds for the new camera I crave. And I'm sure they got some gorgeous photos of their gorgeous wedding (from real photographers).

Congratulations, Brian and Roxie!