upstairs plans—master bedroom

I mentioned yesterday that the kitchen project is my top priority upstairs (because we use it so heavily, and because I can't stand the carpet), but this project would be a close second—the master bedroom.

It is highlighted in yellow on the floor plan:

As you can see in the before plan, you can look right in to the Master bedroom from the front door of the house. I don't know about you, but I don't make my bed first thing every day, and I really don't need the UPS knowing that. So that leads us to our first project:

1. Relocate the door to the Master bedroom. Actually, there is already a second door to the room from the den, but it too narrow for a main door so it will need to be widened.

Here is a closer look at the layout:

There is nothing final about this floor plan. This is just my first attempt at a possible layout. But it illustrates the changes I would like to make:

2. Instead of just sealing off the main Master door, I would like to incorporate a powder room in that area. Currently guests have to travel through the living room to the back of the house where the main bathroom is located. It would be lovely to have a place inside the front door for guests to use the bathroom without having to walk through the whole house and for the guys to wash up before dinner.

This photo shows the bedroom before we moved in:

These built-in his and her closets and drawers are cool, but much smaller than the walk-in we had in Utah. We have been storing off-season clothes in another closet—something that requires work every season to change out. I'm not very good at keeping up with that.

This next photo shows the double entrances into the room—one from the front hallway and one from the den.

And this is what it looks like currently. We upgraded to a king-size bed shortly after moving, which we had wanted to do for a long time but didn't quite have the space for. That left us without a bed, however, so we have mattresses on the floor. 

3. Buy (or build) a bed.

4. The carpet is original and really worn. I would like to replace it with hardwood.

Here is the Master bath in all its glory.

As you can see from the layout, it is a very awkward shape. The storage is shy around the sink and there is no electrical outlet right next to the sink.

There is only room for a very small corner shower, and the toilet is an old wall-mounted water hog.

So . . .

5. Peel wallpaper and repaint. Or just knock down some walls. Ahem.

6. Move the back wall of the den forward and annex the old dark room into the Master bath space.

7. Somehow squeeze one beautifully tiled shower, toilet room (I'd love to have a separate door for the toilet—the best way to share a bathroom with your spouse), double sink vanity, and walk-in closet into the newly expanded space. Do you think we can do it?