Eva—13 months old


Today marks 13 months for our little Eva Grace. We love her to pieces!

I have found her several times lately hiding out in this little cupboard in Sarah's room. 

A few discernable words: hi, momma (in the middle of the night when she cries for me to get her), uh-oh

No walking yet. When I try to walk her holding her hands she cries and wants down on the floor. She stands holding on to things all the time—sometimes barely hanging on. It will come soon enough. I found the cutest little miniature Keens to buy for her when its time to celebrate the accomplishment...  :)

Her 2 front teeth have made their appearance. No sign of any more yet, but the teething symptoms have been rampant.

She enjoys all sorts of food. Today it was edamame and curry potatoes and chicken. Last week it was plums. But plain jane bananas and graham crackers never fail to please as well.

We used our camp trailer 3 times this last month and each time the first night was torture. She does not like her pack-n-play and does not settle down well when she knows we are all in the same room with her. You know where she does sleep well? Her stroller. I have been known to put her to bed in it all night. The best option is her own bed, however. We've enjoyed two full nights of sleep since we got back from our last trip. (Knock on wood).