healthy competition?

My Sarah is extremely competitive as she tries to keep up with her older sister. Three years separate them so it is often a difficult task.

The other morning Sarah came into my room with Ruthie (her American Girl Doll). She had combed her hair into a simple but cute double pony tail. "Look Mom! Look what I did! Doesn't it look great?"  I replied, "Yes, Sarah, you did an awesome job!"

Later that morning, Abby came upstairs with her doll, Julie, to show me a French Twist up-do she had styled. I said "Wow, Abby, that looks great!" Sarah, witnessing the event, ran to get her own doll and said, "Mom, which one do you like better? It's okay, you can tell us."

Ha ha. Trapped.

"I don't play that game", I said. "Sarah, your doll's hair looks so awesome for a 5-year-old. Abby's doll's hair looks beautiful for an 8-year-old."

Sarah replied. "Uhhh", (stomping her feet in a classic Sarah move). "Abby's is beautiful? No fair!!!!"

I can't win.