Cooking dinner for my family is an adventure. My kitchen looks like this:

The fridge, sink, and dishwasher are still functional, but the only counter top is right around the sink. Everything is covered in dust and nails and the guys are working on removing the old cabinets.

In the laundry room, the new sink is now functional and my microwave is mounted here temporarily.

It is still a construction zone, but you can see the peppers I have prepped to make stuffed peppers for dinner. Yum. Worth the effort.

In the living room sits the dining room buffet and most of the contents of my kitchen. I have a small amount of space here to chop onions and make a fruit salad.

It takes 4 trips to get everything I need down to the basement where my stove is plugged in.

But once there I managed to brown the meat, cook the rice and vegetables, and bake the stuffed peppers.

Back upstairs we sat down for a lovely dinner (in the living room!) and we didn't even use paper plates (tempting).