lighting options :: round 2

I am agonizing over the lighting decision in my kitchen. Lighting is such a great opportunity to make a statement and add character. I want to LOVE my lights and not play it too safe.

I think I've narrowed it down to 2 options. Option 1:

2 of these Schoolhouse Electric pendants over the island, and this CB2 drum pendant over the dining table.

The drum pendant is huge; almost 3' in diameter, so it would really make a statement. (A nice alternative at 25" in diameter would be this one from West Elm, available in 3 colors including black.) Cons: The solid globe and shade would interrupt sight lines. The drum shade would be in front of our big view window.


Option 2:


2 of these Schoolhouse Electric pendants over the island, and this CB2 firefly pendant over the dining table.

Is this too globe-y? These wouldn't break up the sight lines as much. Cons: exposed bulbs.


About exposed bulbs. I have a few options. 


1. Clear incandescent bulb. About $1 each. Lasts for 1000-2500 hours. I'm not sure how much longer these will be sold in the U.S. Anyone know?

2. Enclosed CFL. About $8 each. Lasts for 8000 hours. I'm okay with these as long as they aren't slow on and have warm light.

3. LED bulb. About $40 each. Lasts for 25,000 hours. These are the bulbs of the future. I hope that means they will come down in price.

4. Plumen CFL. About $30 each. Lasts the same as a regular CFL (I think). 

5. The Edison bulb. $11-15 each. These look the coolest, no doubt. 


The point is, should I base my decision on lightbulb availability? Yes, its a factor, but it isn't insurmountable and the lightbulb market is changing as we speak.

More thoughts?