the doors are in

Lest you think our holidays were full of gluttony, let me show you what happened between the over-eating, game-playing, and nap-taking (because I won't lie—there was plenty of that too).

Things have been getting lively around here! First of all, our garage door is in!

It is even operational! I am loving not having to get out of my car to heft the door open. I realize it looks a little bit odd right now with the 2-tone trim. I will probably wait until spring and warm days to paint exterior trim.

The days have been unseasonably warm for January, however. It is really weird. I'm not complaining, as it allowed us to get 3 of our 5 new side doors in.

These doors came primed and will need to painted brown along with the trim. Our garage is sealed up so much better now (the doors actually latch), which I'm sure we will appreciate with the typical Montana winter weather finally arrives.

I must take the opportunity to mention the visit we had from some special Utah friends who braved the 10 hour trip to come see us over New Year's weekend. I am kicking myself for not getting any photos of them to remember their visit by! Anyway, I'll tell you how well we treat our friends. Chris happens to be a Project Manager and professional door installer. We just happened to be working on doors while he was here so he willingly pitched in and helped install those doors in record time! We're sorry we put you to work, Chris, but we sure appreciated your help. And your visit! Love you two!

Probably the biggest improvement was the door between the garage and the house. Before it was just a hollow-core indoor door. Now it is solid and well-insulated.

I have a funny story to share about this door. This morning things got a bit quiet, so I went to see what Eva was up to and found a pencil in her hand. (Her left hand. We might have a lefty on our hands!) I didn't find her work of art though until I went to take a photo of this door:

My reaction was more amusement than annoyance, which would not have been the case if my 6-year-old had been the culprit. She has a reputation for this. But I had to laugh that Eva couldn't resist this white canvas. Fortunately the door has to be painted still, and the marks came off fairly easy with a Magic Eraser.

I have one more thing to share. If you scroll back up to the garage door photo, you might see a stack of something inside those windows. That is the pallets of tile and supplies we picked up yesterday! Yes, things are getting lively. If I can get the guys to actually stay home in between farm seminars and grain hauling, we might have more progress to share soon! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have kitchen cabinets and laundry room closets to clear out.