a narrowboat home

I thought it might be nice to take a break from kitchen remodeling today.

When Tom and I took our trip to England back in August of 2009, one of our favorite days was spent touring Stratford Upon Avon. There is an old canal system that runs through much of the England countryside that was originally developed for cargo transportation. Once the railroad system came to England, however, the canals were no longer used and filled with silt. Later on they were dredged out and the miniature hand-operated lock systems were restored. Now the canals are used for recreation and are full of these narrow barge boats that people vacation or retire on.


We were intrigued by these boats and enjoyed visiting with a gentleman who was a permanent resident on his. Many of them were decorated on the outside with plants and yard furniture. 

So you can imagine I was excited to see a narrowboat featured recently on Desire to Inspire. It is fun to see what one looks like on the inside!

Can you imagine living like this? It probably isn't much different than living in an RV. But if you ask me, I think this would so much cooler than an Airstream. On the water! In England!

First 2 images, Montana Prairie Tales. All other images, Dominique Brown via Desire to Inspire. Click through to see more.