Easter weekend

I'm a little behind on this, but I thought I would kick off this weekend by sharing last weekend's Easter photos. After a gray winter it is so refreshing to see spring colors and green grass. A little Photoshop saturation boost doesn't hurt either. :)

Every year as sort of an Easter tradition I try to get the girls a new spring outfit. This year my mom made it easy for me and sewed these adorable skirts with fabric she acquired in Hawaii. My mom is a seamstress extraordinaire. I know this because she used to sew all my fancy childhood dresses.


We shared an egg hunt with my dear cousin Barb and her boys and everyone soaked up the beautiful spring weather. 


Today, just a few days later, it is cold and wet but we are loving the sight of a good spring soaker. Tom said, "It's great, but it's making those weeds I haven't sprayed yet grow faster". Yes, that means it is making the crops grow also. The bulbs in my flower garden are growing, the grass is greener, the weeds are taking over, and the gophers are out.

Abby and her buddy Jace are doing their part to control the gopher population. I'm pretty sure they would need to make this quota daily to make a dent.