Friday randomness

I've been neglecting this here blog because I've had kids, a house, company, etc. that have needed me more. Therefore, I'm stuck doing random update posts to catch you up. So here goes... here are the happenings since we last talked:

1. Today is a very wet day.

The rain is delaying the already long seeding process so today the guys are in the shop working on a spray truck that broke down earlier this week. Most of the farmers in the area were done with their spring seeding in a snap because they mostly just do wheat. Not us. So far we have planted peas, mustard (new for us this year), canola, and barley. We will finish up with spring wheat when we can get back in the field. Nevertheless, we will take the rain when we can get it! And when it dries up, oh boy does that lawn of mine need mowed.

2. Things break on the farm. All the time. The afore-mentioned spray truck, for one. My mom's lawn mower broke down so they have ours at their house. And then ours broke down. Lawn mowing is not as high a priority as field spraying, so I will be getting my push mower out. Also this week our cistern emptied and we ran out of water. Too many farmers are spraying and using a ton of water right now, and our cistern is the last on the line to be filled. Small inconvenience. When things break, usually it is faster and cheaper to fix them ourselves, but Tom (and I) aren't nearly as mechanically inclined as my dad. I'm not whining here, just pointing out how different it is from living in the city. There are so many moving peices and parts and no shop right down the road to take them too. Broken equipment can definitely add stress to an already busy time.

3. House projects. Now we get to add the outdoor projects to the already long indoor list. I am really trying to find the joy in the process and not get overwhelmed by how much there is to do.


I'm starting to see the rewards of the planting I did last fall. I was worried that I got things started too late, but it seems like most of it is springing up. In the planter I have tulips and daffodils beginning to bloom and 2 out of 3 rose bushes showing some life. I have been weeding and plan to spread some mulch. Now if I can just keep the dog from digging and trampling, I'll be good. (See the big hole in the lower bed? Grrr.) Next to it the rock garden/staircase needs some new plants before the weeds completely take over. 

Some of you have asked about the front door. You may remember we ordered one and then rejected what they delivered because they got the order wrong. Well, we regrouped and decided to order just the door without the sidelights—then we will replace the glass in the current window frames. This option was actually much cheaper too. But now the new door sits in our garage and will wait for the guys to have time to install it, along with several windows. The lock set we purchased fits the new door as planned, and once the door is painted it should look fabulous!

4. I adore spring. The warm days, and even the rainy days. The girls are loving it too, and yesterday they romped in the puddles when the sun came out after a storm. And I finally remembered to get my camera out.

5. Speaking of spring, it is the season of cleaning, isn't it? I cleaned my house from floor to ceiling for company last weekend. Big news, I know. But sometimes it just feels good to get it all done at once and feel caught up for a change! That feeling lasts for about 2 seconds.

Case in point: I scrubbed the ranch limo, inside and out.

And I had to "take a picture to make it last longer" since a half hour later I had to drive right back down the dusty gravel roads to pick up the girls from the bus. 

Another job like that is mopping my kitchen floors. It looks great for 10 minutes until someone walks through the door. I already kicked the dog out and might have to kick the kids out too. Kidding, of course. Sort of. But I am thinking I should implement a no-shoes policy. I mopped my floor twice within two hours yesterday. Can anyone relate? Of course you can. We Moms all know that controlling the chaos is a never-ending job and its why being a SAHM is much more work than I ever expected. 

6. My photo book came in the mail today! It turned out great and I will show you Monday after I can get a post together

7. I had a birthday last week. These days they come and go without a lot of fanfare but this year Mom made me a cake. I love cake.

This one was Pink Lemonade (from the cover of the May BHG issue) and it was delish. In the background is the print for a skirt she sewed for me also. I'm so spoiled!

I have had a favorite coffee mug (coffee tastes better in the right mug!) since I graduated from college. It was an MSU pottery mug and a graduation gift from the potters themselves. Well, a couple of weeks ago I was setting it out of Eva's reach and it fell over onto our new tile floor and broke. (Frowny face.) Little did I know, my sweet husband called that very day to custom order a replacement for my birthday and I am now the proud owner of a new beautiful MSU mug. 

Mountain Arts Pottery here.

8. A few other random acquisitions:

I bought these print blocks in the letters of each of our names at a tiny local flea market. 

I bought this cheery pot from Ross Dress for Less of all places. I've had a couple of plants that were left here after my Grandpa's funeral, and I thought I'd better finally get them potted for them to have any real chance at survival. 

The cheery succulents came from a recent home show, and this sweet bowl needed a purpose so they found their match in my kitchen. The soap dispenser is one of several things I've been shopping for to outfit our new kitchen. 

9. And one last thing...


Shirley Temple paid us a visit this week. She was here for a Good Ship Lollipop performance for a Senior Citizen's lunch at school. Parents weren't invited. Pshaw.