Mother's Day

I spent the day working outside yesterday, so just now getting around to downloading my photos from the weekend. I hope you all had a happy Mother's Day weekend! Mine was rich with blessings.


On Friday, I got to join all the moms from Kindergarten through 2nd grade for a "Muffins for Moms" celebration. Sarah, dressed as a little Shirley Temple, performed Good Ship Lollipop with her class and I must say she was the most darling. :) I just love our small school and it brings back so many memories . . .


Saturday morning we headed out early to join Tom's family at a horse show, and the girls got an opportunity to get a little experience in the show arena. This isn't really my thing, but the smiles on the girls faces make it all worth while. Sarah was led in a Lead Line class by her cousin Tristin.


Abby hasn't been on a horse for months but did awesome in her Walk class with not so much as a warm up. 


On Sunday we enjoyed the Mother's Day brunch at the beautiful Gallatin Gateway Inn. It was a treat.

Me and my beautiful girls—I am the luckiest Mom!


This is Tom's sister and her gorgeous family. Tom's Dad is known for being thoughtful and bought us lilies to wear. 

My nephew is never serious for the camera—I have a million pictures like this of him, some at this very hotel! These kids were so grown up and well behaved. It is rather nice when your kids get to the age where they can tend to themselves at a buffet. Know what I'm sayin', moms?


Eva still needs help with her plate, of course, but Tom took over that chore so I could relax and enjoy my meal. Eva kept herself busy by loading every single finger with yogurt, then licking it off.

Abby loves to borrow my camera, and I think she does a great job. It means I actually end up on the other side of the lens once in awhile.



My dapper nephews—not having any boys of my own I really enjoy spending time with these sweet guys.


Thanks to my sweetie for a great weekend. It was perfect! Well, there is one thing that would have topped it off—spending time with my own mother. But unfortunately I can't be two places at once, and I'm glad I get to see my Mom almost every day. Love you, Mom!

Back at home I get to spend lots of time with my own kiddos and enjoy mornings hanging out with Eva instead of trotting off to work. I do consider myself very blessed having had worked full time while the other two were little.


Eva plays me a tune on the ukelele. . . and then carries it off to her next gig.

Much to be thankful for. Happy Mother's Day to you all!