master bedroom potential

Sharing a few photos of our Master Suite today. Such as it is. 

This project is slated at the bottom of the list—mostly because people don't get invited in. We can shut the door. But not a day goes by that I don't dream about what I can do in this space. Besides the obvious cosmetic changes, knocking down a few walls to accommodate a larger bathroom and closet is tops on the agenda.


A fireplace would be lovely—this room doesn't heat as well in the winter. A double-sided one—right between the bedroom and bathroom. No?

And relocating the bedroom entry is non-negotiable. Right now it opens up right to the front door. If we forget to shut the door and have an unannounced visitor it would be quite embarrassing to get busted sleeping in.


The tiny shower and vanity and obvious lack of storage will test my design abilities. (The bathroom photos were taken before my Grandpa moved out. I promise we don't own that arsenal of prescriptions.)

Here is a simple sketch of a floor plan idea, though nothing is set in stone. That bathroom space is quite awkward! I'm not sure how to create the space I desire without borrowing from the current office space (and adjoining dark room). The plan also includes a possible powder room off the front door. Convenient for harvest help and hand washing before meals.

What would you do? Move this up on the priority list or save it for later—after the more public spaces are finished?