summer's end

Hello friends! Sorry to be such a stranger. I'm sad and relieved at the same time to find ourselves at the end of our summer. The start of school puts an abrupt end to our summer schedule but it also launches us into routine and normalcy.

The girls are happy to be going back also. Its a long summer for these country girls when you don't get to see your friends everyday.

Sarah is starting first grade and Abby is in 4th. Both are excited about their new teachers.

Does anyone else's house look like this after school shopping?

The first day of school was also our 15th Anniversary. We got married 3 days before my parents celebrated their 25th. That means they are celebrating their 40th this year! I wish I had a picture of Tom's parents together also because they too celebrated their 40th this summer.

Since our anniversary fell on the first day of school and the last day of harvest, we didn't celebrate until the following day. Mom offered to babysit and Tom and I escaped to town for a little shopping, movie, and dinner.

There should be lots of posts coming your way as I catch up with our busy August happenings. Back soon!