The weekend before school started was our county fair. Abby participated by showing her horse for 4-H.

No, we don't have horses here on the farm, but Tom's family has enough to go around. Abby was able to participate in this level of 4-H because she was able to spend a few weekends this summer on Tom's parent's ranch helping with the horses, feeding, cleaning stalls, and riding.

With Tom being tied up with harvest and me knowing nothing about horses, Aunt Tawnya and Nanna stepped in to save the day. They brought the horse up to the fairgrounds and stayed with Abby during the fair.

This is Double-Dot. He was Tom's horse when he rode in high school.

Tawnya gives Abby some last minute pointers before the show.

Abby did very well, placing first in her Novice Horsemanship class.

This is her friend Madison, who competed in her same classes. Cuties.

Abby with her cousins, and their newest "cousin" Chesterfeild.

Relaxed and relieved after the events are through. Isn't she a pretty girl?

Two pretty girls. I love this picture of them together.

And I love these boys.

They look just like brothers and sisters.

This little munchkin was along for the day also. Just not old enough to perch on the fence with her cousins.

And for good measure, one more funny picture that must be saved for future blackmailing. Recently lost teeth make Sarah look like she is sporting fangs. Paired with a wide-mouthed crazy smile, and crossed eyes its a great look.