March madness

Thought I would drop in for a quick hello.

Sorry I've been absent for awhile. It's been a blah "blah-g" lately. Oh well, it seems to go in phases like that for me.

I just found out today that Google Reader is going away! I'm not happy about that. Blogs have completely replaced magazines for me as a means for inspiration, and I need a good way to keep them organized and easily accessible. Do any of you use an aggregator for blogs? If so, what do you recommend?

In other news, the rental apartment project Tom has been helping my parents with is wrapping up.... just in time for spring farm work to kick into high gear. It doesn't leave time to tackle any big projects in our house, unfortunately, but instead of despairing I've been trying to focus on smaller bite-size projects we can chip away at. And projects I can tackle on my own. I even have a "punch list" going of things to finish up- all color coded and prioritized.

My dad took one look at the list and said "good luck!", which is a good indication of where his mind is headed. I'm vowing not to be discouraged. But why does the last 5% of projects drag on forever? Hopefully I'll have some progress to share with you soon. In the meantime, I'm trying to fit in lots of spring cleaning. I even detailed the inside of my car. Which is saying something, believe me.

In one last random note, I ran across these cool creations made from vintage saris. I especially like the camel for some reason. It would look fabulous in an ethnic inspired room! From here while it lasts.